Search engine optimisation

All websites built by mark design are optimised for search engine ranking. Even if your site was built by someone else, we can still take a look at it and tell you where it can be improved.

What is SEO ?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is about getting your website as far up the search engine rankings as possible.

There is no better advertising than being the first result returned by Google for your target terms. People are more likely to click on a search result than an advert, and have more faith in a site that is not paying for their click.

The higher you rank, the more people will visit your site. It’s that simple. It also happens to be free.

How does it work ?

The key to SEO is understanding how search engines make decisions about which results to prioritise. That way you can tailor your site to be on the right end of as many of those decisions as possible.

But SEO is an ongoing process. Even a well optimised site will take time to climb the rankings, and will need tending to keep it at the top. We can give you the tools and the training to do just that.