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The Journalism Programme of Lady Shri Ram College is designed to give women an effective voice in the world of media. We believe that this voice will reflect the genuine development needs of all sections of a society in transition such as ours.

In a democratic society, the exercise of the freedom of expression comes with enormous responsibilities, and the Press plays a crucial, decisive role. Our attempt here is to train professionals, who are sensitive to the demands of this role, and who, in the pursuit of truth are alive to its many dimensions.

We see journalists both as transcribers of the aspirations of society and also as catalysts of change. We wish to equip our students for the demands and rigours of the profession along with a commitment to accuracy, fairness and knowledge. We seek to enliven them with that sense of vocation which empowers them to extend themselves beyond careerism to causes that need support, to ideas that need expression, and to the spirit that cherishes and values freedom.

We welcome you to join the adventure of this quest.

Dr Suman Sharma

Dr Suman Sharma Principal, LSR College for Women

Greetings from the Principal, Lady Shri Ram College for Women, a premier educational institution of the University of Delhi. There has been a change of guard in LSR after legendary Dr. Meenakshi Gopinath demitted office in August last year.........

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